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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does the 30 day, no obligation, trial work?
  • Can I cancel at any time?
  • What security is used to protect my credit card information?
  • Attorney Directory
  • How do people find my Listing?
  • How often is my Listing displayed in the Premier Position?
  • How many cities can I list my practice under?
  • How many ways can my Listing be found?
  • General
    How does the 30 day, no obligation, trial work?
    It's very simple and safe. Enter your contact information. Fill in the billing information. Click the Submit button. Your account is immediately setup. We do not process your credit card. We don't even check for availability of funds. If you do not cancel any of the services you selected, billing begins 30 days after you subscribe.
    Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes. Simply log into your Control Panel and select Billing. Next, click on Current Services. Select the servce(s) you wish to cancel and click Update. Billing stops immediately.
    What sort of security do you use to protect my credit card information?
    All transactions are protected by 256 bit encryption. This is the highest level of security used on the Internet. Unlike other firms, StateLawyers.com does not store your credit card information in raw form. This means that your credit card information is completly encrypted. This is an example of how a credit card number looks in our system: MSM8MC1RL10tISw4IW9dJy7gLVBvITwsIAo=.
    Attorney Directory
    How do people find my Directory Listing?
    There are two main avenues that will lead prospective clients to your Listing:
    1. When a prospective client is searching the Internet, for an attorney, they may enter any number of key word combinations.
    • "pennsylvania attorney search"
    • "nh attorney lookup"
    • "list of massachusetts lawyers"
    StateLawyers.com has developed a database of over 36,000 communities and over 3,200 counties.
    Since key word choices usually include the words "attorney" and "lawyer," as well as a geographic location, StateLawyers.com utilizes our massive database of municipalities to create endless permutations of key word combinations, leading to endless ways for prospective clients to arrive at StateLawyers.com.
    2. Once prospective clients reach StateLawyers.com, they search for an attorney by providing 3 criteria: Legal Issue, State, and City. Our system searches for all attorneys that meet these criteria. The results are displayed in the following order, from top to bottom:
    1. One Premier Subscriber is presented in the Premier Position.
    2. Next, the remaining Premier Subscribers are listed in bold print.
    3. Gratuitous Listings are on the bottom, in regular print.
    How often is my Listing displayed in the Premier Position?
    Every Premier Subscriber is rotated through the Premier Position in a batting rotation format. Once your Listing has reached the Premier Position, the next Premier Subscriber moves up.
    As each prospective client selects a Premier Subscriber, you move back towards the top of the list. This ensures that there is a fair and equal distribution of prospective clients for all Premier Subscribers.
    Gratuitous listings do not participte in this rotation process and are always at the bottom. If you have selected a county and/or area of practice that has no other attorneys listed, your Listing will always display in the Premier Position.
    StateLawyers.com, unlike other directories, does not charge more to be displayed at the top of the search results.
    How many cities can I list my practice under?
    You select the Counties, within which you practice.
    Prospective client search for an attorney by City or community.
    Our system takes the counties you have selected and lists you under EVERY community, within each of those counties. By selecting 6 counties, you may appear under dozens or hundreds of communities.
    How many ways can my Listing be found?
    This is determined by the number of practice areas you selected multiplied by the number of communities located within the counties you have selected.
    For example, assume that you listed yourself under 8 areas of practice and 6 counties.
    Additionally, assume that each county averaged 10 communities for a total of 60 communities.
    The number of ways that your Listing would be viewed is 8 (areas of practice) X 60 (communities) for a total of 480 different search avenues to your Listing.
    No other Attorney Directory provides this level of comprehensive coverage,
    at any price!
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